It's Always Sunny In Sandpoint

Session 00

Humble Beginnings

We started this campaign last Sunday filling out character sheets and familiarizing ourselves with the setting for this campaign. We discussed house rules, additional materials, and miscellaneous stuff. Two players were unable to make it, but we persevered and even had a chance to begin the game and roleplay a little bit before Game of Thrones started.

Our unfortunate alchemist, curious and in need of redemption, requested his brother finance an expedition to discover the source of the Midsummer Apple. Rumor has it that it comes from somewhere in the limestone plateau near Sandpoint called Devil’s Platter and goblins might be involved. Beleg, our elven rogue, couldn’t decide whether glory or greed was his primary motivating factor to join the team, but alas he was the first one to arrive for the group meet-up, arriving even before our Alchemist who arrived not that much later. Shortly after him, an odd young boy also arrived at the meet-up group.

The three of them were greeted by the major townsfolk of Sandpoint, Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, Father Zanthus, and our alchemist’s older brother. We didn’t get really even past introductions before the Mayor announced we were waiting on two more adventurers.



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