It's Always Sunny In Sandpoint

Session 02

Back in the saddle.

Our humble group of adventurers were joined by a gnome bard played by one of my roommates. Not present was our lovable elven rogue played by my other roommate. Also present was our alien oracle, estranged monk, and curious alchemist. Our dwarven barbarian had a slight face-lift and came back as a camel-riding samurai with the same backstory of hunting down the makers of his family’s heirloom sword.

We started the session at the edge of the ravine into the Sunless Citadel. Knowing only that the apple’s origins stem from somewhere inside this ravine, they began their descent. After awakening a few dire rats and handily defeating them on their descent, our ragtag posse of protagonists were rewarded with… more dire rats. Our bard made good use of the switchback stairs for good line of site shots with his shortbow. Our dwarven samurai made good use of his gauntlet as a rat face re-arranger too. Only our monk god a solid bite on his foot. He might need to get that looked at in a few days.

The party handled a swarm of baby rats handily as well after our alchemist got a bit danger-close with the bombs there. He wounded himself, the rat-covered dwarven samaurai, and our monk. Fortunately our oracle and bard came through with several cure light wounds to patch up the wounded.

Descending into the ravine, our monk also triggered a pit trap and failed his reflex save… Poor Baolo… Our dwarf noticed the trap only milliseconds too late before he fell into a 10 ft pit with yet another rat in it.

After getting patched up, the party began their rather poor attempts to bust down the front door. They briefly commented on the age and magnificence of the structure. It’s granite and obsidian exterior and old designs were especially perplexingly beautiful to our resident dwarf. Anyways.. it took 3 of the 5 needed to push with all their might to break the lock on the doors.

The party came across the fallen goblins in the lobby and the skeletons in the secret room and mopped up once more. This group sure loves punching faces. That being said, the party got a magical quaterstaff.. the hilt of a spear that pinched the goblin into the granite behind him in a mighty blow.

They first explored the entrance to the dragon priest’s tomb and the roaring dragon door before deducing they’ll need a key before proceeding. Going down the other hallway, they came across meepo and the broken dragon cage. The party negotiated with Meepo and met with the head of the kobolds. Their respect and admiration for the great kobold queen got them some insight to the dynamics of this place. They learned this place is an ancient thassilonian temple of some sort. Also that there was once this great red dragon named Ashardalon.

Promising to return the clan’s white dragon (Calcyrx), they asked for their reward and key to explore the dragonpriest’s tomb for loot to help reclaim and entice the dragon back and win the war against the goblins.

The first crystal globe room was fun as the bard and new friend countersonged the orb’s terrifying musical effects. Eventually our dwarf was the last one in the room not bolting out and decided to knock it over which proved to end the song and give him some expensive looking polished blue stones.

Then the party answered the riddle successfully and continued to fight the quasit and the dragonpriest.

The quasit was seemingly unhittable for a good while before getting too haughty and walloped in a single turn. It’s fast healing and damage reduction being over-powered by a mutagen infused alchemist.

The zombie dragonpriest also was a pretty strong encounter. Life and death for characters hung in the balance while the priest made attack rolls for his claws. Fortunately, timely uses of character’s plot cards seemed to turn the tide in favor of the PCs who seized the day and the priest’s treasures. We called it a night after that.

Session Statistics
XP Earned: 965XP each. (+200XP each for good roleplaying!)
NPCS met: Meepo, Queen Ydrasyl
Enemies Encountered: Dire Rats, Baby Rat Swarm, Pit traps, Arrow Traps Skeletons, Kobolds, Quasit, and a Dragonpriest(Zombie Troll)
Treasure found: 230sp, 60gp, +1 Quarterstaff, 3 +1 Bolts, Candleabra, 3 beeswax candles, jewelry (a ring worth
5 gp, an amulet worth 10 gp, and two bracelets adorned
with stylized silver dragons designs, worth 15 gp each). Green glowing everburning torch. MW dagger. 4 Unidentified Scrolls. Bag of blue polished stones (30gp).
Quote of the night: (OOC regarding Celestial) So basically Zero’s speech sounds like the intro to Halo? – Art
Critical Hits: Phased (Zero on Quasit), Earth Rumble (Dylek on Dragonpriest)
Critical Fumbles: None!
Flashback Cards used: Not Black and White (Sveld vs Quasit), Opportunity Lost (Zero on Dragonpriest), What are the odds? (Dylek on Dragonpriest)
Flashback Cards gained: Err.. gotta do this beginning next session..

Session 00
Humble Beginnings

We started this campaign last Sunday filling out character sheets and familiarizing ourselves with the setting for this campaign. We discussed house rules, additional materials, and miscellaneous stuff. Two players were unable to make it, but we persevered and even had a chance to begin the game and roleplay a little bit before Game of Thrones started.

Our unfortunate alchemist, curious and in need of redemption, requested his brother finance an expedition to discover the source of the Midsummer Apple. Rumor has it that it comes from somewhere in the limestone plateau near Sandpoint called Devil’s Platter and goblins might be involved. Beleg, our elven rogue, couldn’t decide whether glory or greed was his primary motivating factor to join the team, but alas he was the first one to arrive for the group meet-up, arriving even before our Alchemist who arrived not that much later. Shortly after him, an odd young boy also arrived at the meet-up group.

The three of them were greeted by the major townsfolk of Sandpoint, Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, Father Zanthus, and our alchemist’s older brother. We didn’t get really even past introductions before the Mayor announced we were waiting on two more adventurers.


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