Age of Lost Omens

Until a century ago, the destiny of humanity was guided by an ascended mortal known as Aroden, the last survivor of one of the great human kingdoms of antiquity. Thousands of years ago, after lifting mankind up out of chaos and darkness, Aroden departed from Golarion, vowing to return on the eve of mankind’s greatest triumph.

His clerics traced this prophecy of his return to a specific day just over a century ago. With great pomp and circumstance, the faithful gathered to see their deific master manifest and usher in a new era of triumph for humanity.

Instead, terrible storms blackened the skies and all of Aroden’s clerics lost their spiritual connection with their god. For weeks, winds and rains ravaged the world, drowning coastal nations and casting governments into ruin.

In addition to the physical and psychological toll, Aroden’s disappearance shattered one of the most reliable prophecies mankind has ever known, shaking humanity’s faith in the solidity of the future. Since this tragic event, no significant prophecy has come true in any way, leading scholars to name the current era The Age of Lost Omens.

Age of Lost Omens

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