Native residents of Varisia are either Varisian or Shoanti. Unless you’re descended from Chelish colonialists, that is.


Most Varisian Dwarves hail from Janderhoff. But there’s a decent number of them in the cities. Especially Riddleport.


Elves live in the Mierani Forest, near the ruined elven city of Celwynian. Adventuring elves find themselves attracted to many wild areas of Varisia.


Gnomes usually live in the community of Whistledown or are scattered among the Sanos Forest. Many gnomes travel throughout the nation to sate their innate curiosity.


Halflings live usually as servants in Korvosan lands-much like they would in Cheliax- or make their own ways in Magnimarian holdings or other more-frontier towns.


Half-orcs typically come from Varisian’s eastern border and are results between the frequent clashes of Orc and Shoanti up on the plateau. They tend to avoid Shoanti because they know they’ll probably attack you on sight.


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